Plastic Model Freight Car Builders

An alternative to ResinFreightCarBuilers for those whose primary freight car modeling medium is injection molded plastic. Primarily but not necessarily aimed at HO 1/87 scale.  Kits and scratchbuilt from any form of plastic.  RTR equipment is not a welcome topic unless it has been substantially rebuilt to match a specific prototype.  Example: an Accurail 36 foot box car would be a welcome topic only if some modification beyond the basic snap and glue kit has been made. As you can see from the cover photo, UK kit builders are also welcome as witness the pair of Cambrian 4 mm LSWR 10 Ton Diagram 1410 vans in the background.  Yes I know the name of the group has an extra i.  Not intentional but difficult to get rid of without starting over.

The flat car in the above picture is an Owl Mountain SP F-50-12 Plastic Kit I assembled painted and decaled recently.  I will crop that picture when I get a chance.

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